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Why Candidates Have Not Gotten JAMB 2022 Login Details? (Check Out Reasons)

JAMB Login details

why candidates dont have JAMB login details yet.

Hello Friend, Have you been anxious why you have not gotten JAMB login details for 2022/2023. Do you want to know the reasons behind this delayed process. Or you want to know the reason why you keep getting the invalid email responses from JAMB anytime you forward your email to 55019. Or you want to know how and when the JAMB linking processes will commence for this year 2022.

JAMB Login details
Why Candidates have not gotten JAMB login details

If yes ! Then this page you are reading now will enlighten you more on everything you need to know about the reasons why candidates have not gotten JAMB login details for 2022/2023 admission processes. Keep reading my good friend.


The JAMB login details are secured key words given to any Candidates who have registered successfully for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) or Direct Entry (DE), which can also be use to access Candidate details through the Central Admission Processing System (CAPS) portal. According to JAMB, for any candidate who wish to get access to his or her registered details on the portal, must have a valid email address and password. The email address must be linked to his or her profile so as to get JAMB password from the board. Without the linking processes , Candidates cannot access any of their details on the portal. You can also see JAMB 2022: Simple Ways On How To Link Email Address To JAMB Profile.


Alot of Candidates who sat for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and Direct Entry (DE) exams for 2022, find it very difficult for their emails to be received and accepted by JAMB after sending their emails to 55019, the keep getting this responses from JAMB “Invalid email format. Kindly Specify a valid email address. e.g adewale@gmail.com” This message get some candidates irritating. But not to worry, SchoolDirectNg has gotten you covered here. The reason why Candidates are getting this message is because of the following:

  • Old email address usage
  • Wrong creation of the emails
  • Email address not created with the valid phone number used for JAMB.
  • Not following the right patterns on how to forward the message to JAMB code (55019).


  • Ensure you are using a new or fresh email for the linking processes. This means that an old email address used previously for any exams won’t be accepted for this service.
  • Create a good email address with your three names or two names attached to it and not attaching numbers to the emails. Example : Johnpiuskingsley@gmail.com or Johnpius@gmail.com and not Johnpiuskingsley345@gmail.com or Johnpius352@gmail.com
  • Ensure that upon creation of the email address, your JAMB registered number should be used and Google should be able to verify it successfully.
  • To know the right patterns for linking the processes, click on Simple Ways to link email address to JAMB PROFILE. the link is above.
  • Lastly, ensure that you have a good network system and enough airtime.


We are now in the main point of this article , two vivid reasons Why Candidates Have Not Gotten JAMB 2022 Login Details?. Well, SchoolDirectNg have consulted the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board JAMB Ticket airline regarding this issue. The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB ), has said that the reasons why some candidates have not gotten JAMB login details for 2022 is because the portal for this processes has not been activated yet. The board said , the portal was activated for 2021/2022 candidates and not 2022. It added, some candidates for 2022, followed the same processes and only a few Candidates were able to generate and also get their passwords before the processes was removed automatically from the site which would be activated soon.

Secondly, the 2022 Central Admission Processing System CAPS is still under construction as Candidates for 2021 are only permitted to access the CAPs portal for now untill the Admission Processes for 2021 comes to an end. This means that the 2022 CAPS portal has not been activated yet by the board, that is why for few Candidates who were lucky to get JAMB login details for 2022, have not been able to find their details online like O’Level Results Upload, Institutions and Course etc. According to the JAMB, once the CAPS portal for 2022 is fully activated, candidates will be able to see their details and documents accurately uploaded into the site.

You can bookmark this page to stay updated on when the CAPS portal is activated. Once it’s activated, SchoolDirectNg will update this page.

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