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SSANU And NASU Extends Strike Action By Another Four Weeks.


SSANU and ASUU extends strike by four weeks

SSANU And  NASU Extends Strike Action  By Another Four Weeks :

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SCHOOLDIRECTNG reports that the Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities (SSANU) and the Non-Academic Staff Union of Universities (NASU) have extended the strike action embarked upon by the unions under the eagis of Joint Action Committee (JAC) by another four weeks which is equivalent to one month.

Senior Staff Association Of Nigerian Universities (SSANU),  Non Academic Staff Union Of Universities (NASU) & Chris Ngige Images

The leadership of both unions of the university of Benin chapter, communicated this on Friday ,27th May, 2022 to newsmen stating that “despite their strike for the past two months, the Federal Government has not met any of their seven demands and vowed to resist any form of intimidation to cajole them to go back to work when issues that led to the industrial action have not been addressed.

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It was observed that the both Unions (Senior Staff Association Of Nigerian Universities (SSANU) and The Non Academic staff Universities (NASU) of government owned universities have been on strike since March 28 2022. Due to the non-compliance of the Federal Government to honour their demands, they have added another four weeks to their ongoing strike action.

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4 thoughts on “SSANU And NASU Extends Strike Action By Another Four Weeks.

  1. Let’s scrap out university in Nigeria, that is just the solution to this endless fight between FG,ASUU,SSANU,ASUP,NASU ETC

    1. Dear Remedy, we have received your comment, your contributions is absolutely good but cannot be accepted in this country system of education. Best Regards !

  2. This is not fair at all
    Because we are not meant to stay at home up till this month. Please let’s forget the government and move on, let’s allow GOD to judge them. Please because if we are waiting for them, nothing will happen, why? Because all their children are out side the country schooling, so is not affecting them at all. So let’s not delay our children that are in public schools.🙏🙏🙏

    1. Hello Success ,we have received your comment. Yes we understand how you feel, please bookmark this page to stay updated on this ,best regards.

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