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How To Calculate JAMB Scores Successfully For 2022.


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Have you ever wondered how JAMB UTME scores for the different subjects are been calculated ? Or have you been asking how to calculate JAMB UTME scores for the previous years. How will the JAMB UTME Scores be calculated for this year 2022?.

If you are been anxious about these questions above , don’t panic, In this post ,I will enlighten you more briefly on how JAMB calculate its scores and set its marking schemes. Keep reading my good friend.


A JAMB score is the total minimum score a candidates must have in order to gain admission into the University, Polytechnics , College of Educations , IMT programmes and others etc. JAMB score is over 400. It doesn’t exceed 400.


According to the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board JAMB, All the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination UTME subjects are 40 Questions except that of Use of English which is 60 Questions in total.

In order to calculate your JAMB score, its very simple , simply Divide your Pass Score by 40 and then Multiply it by 100. You will get an average which becomes your JAMB score.

Let’s take an example for easier understanding : Assuming Samuel Johnson scored 35 out of 40 in Economics, this will be 35/40×100=87.5. This means that Samuel Johnson scored 87½ in UTME Economics out of 100.

What is actually the probability if Samuel Johnson scored 40/40 in the UTME Economics . this means that 40/40 x 100 = 100 score.

So this is how the JAMB score is calculated for all UTME subjects except Use Of English.

Let’s take a look on how JAMB UTME Use of English are Calculated.

It is very important to note that JAMB UTME Use of English is very compulsory and it carries the highest marks ever, it has a score of 60.

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The segmentation of scores differs, in today’s post ,I will show you how the marking schemes are for JAMB use of English. Let’s take the segmentation below:

SECTION A: Comprehension/Summary
One comprehension passage – 5 questions only.

One reading text – 10 questions only

One close passage – 10 questions only

Total for section A is 25 marks .

SECTION B: Lexis and Structure
Sentence interpretation – 5 questions only

Synonyms – 5questions only

Sentence completion – 10 questions only

Antonyms – 5 questions only

Total for section B is 25 marks

SECTION C: Oral Forms and it carries
10 questions only

Total for section C is 10 marks

Grand Total for the three sections are 25 +25 +10 = 60 marks .

Assuming you scored only 40 in Use of English , this will be your total score for English below : 40/60 x 100 =66. This means your JAMB UTME use of English score is 66 out of 100.

So this is how JAMB UTME Use Of English Scores are calculated.


Since you have known how the marking scheme are above, lets see how JAMB will calculate this year 2022 scores . keep reading my good friend.

Let’s take this example: Peace Isaiah Matthew selected the following UTME subjects : Use of English, Chemistry , Biology and Physics for this course study Medicine and Surgery at University of Calabar UNICAL? At the end of the CBT examination , she scored 30/40 for Chemistry, 35/40 for Physics ,50/60 for Use of English and 30/40 for Biology. What is Peace Isaiah Total JAMB UTME Score ?


Please notes that each UTME total score is over 100. For four subjects is 400 .So for

  • Chemistry : 30/40 x 100= 75
  • Physics : 35/40 x 100= 87.5
  • Biology : 30/40 x 100= 75
  • Use of English : 50/60 x 100 = 83.3

Grand total from each subjects , we have 75+ 87.5 + 75 +83.3= 320.8

This means that Peace Isaiah JAMB UTME is 321 over 400 and she applied to study Medicine And Surgery at the University of Calabar. This means that she has a good chance of gaining admission for this course of study.

She can now proceed to apply for the school POST -UTME form , if she scores like 300 or above ,then she will gain admission.

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